[Vlog] Mai Chau

Short Vlog of my 90% spontaneous 10% planned short trip to Mai Châu. 3 hours car ride for a 36 hours of experiencing the greenest, most serene view possible. It’s a great destination if you’re looking for a quiet place for a weekend getaway.

As for me, I’m just happy to be back here after 12 years – ever since my 7th grade field trip! In my 13-years-old memory, Mai Châu was full of animals’ excretions, hours and hours of hiking under the dampy-rainy weather, sharing the bathroom with 16 other girls, late night gossips under our breath, and singing songs about how much we wanted to go home (because we couldn’t take it anymore lol). But I’m glad that I’ve never forgot how precious those memories were, and how beautiful it was and still is here.

So good to be back, so much nostalgia, and so much of a natural wonder this place is.


P/S: In case you wonder why I spoke in English – I’m always very awkward at speaking infront of a camera, so I decided to do voiceover in the language that I’m most comfortable with 🙂


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